Castrol Anvol WG is a water glycol fire resistant hydraulic fluid that meets HFC 7th Luxembourg classification and Factory Mutual Categ... 


Castrol Anvol WG is a water glycol fire resistant hydraulic fluid that meets HFC 7th Luxembourg classification and Factory Mutual Category Group 0 classification. Castrol Anvol WG products are outstanding in their category in providing a safe working environment and improved system reliability.
Castrol Anvol WG is specifically designed to minimise foaming and air entrainment in your hydraulic system. This ensures maximum pump life and system performance. As well it is designed to provide excellent protection against ferrous corrosion and non-ferrous corrosion.
Even in the harshest steel mill environment, Castrol Anvol WG provides safety, protection and reliability. This has the added value of reducing failures and minimising unscheduled downtime 


Castrol Anvol WG is used in areas of the manufacturing industry were there is extreme risk of fire such as in hot strip mills, coil handling facilities, pipe mills, continuous casters, die casting machines, forging presses and robotic welding machines. The risk is minimised by Castrol Anvol WG’s high water content and extremely low heat of combustion.

To avoid excessive evaporation of water, the system should be designed in such a way that the temperature does not exceed 50o C. Due to their higher specific gravity and vapour pressure, water glycol fluids have a higher tendency than mineral oil fluids to produce pump cavitation. In order to overcome this, pump manufacturers normally work to the following conditions:

  • 6 Fluid speed in the pump outlet in the range of approximately 2-6 m/s
  • 6 Inlet speed no higher than 1.5 m/s
  • 6 The pump nor the intake pipe must not run empty.
  • 6 The dimension of the pump inlet and outlet must be those recommended by the manufacturers

Efficient filtration is important when using Castrol Anvol WG. 10-micron filters should be used. They are normally placed in the high-pressure line and in the return line to the reservoir.

The surface of the filters should be large enough to avoid a high-pressure drop and the volumetric capacity of all filters should be such that they are able to pass at least three times the output of the pump at the operating viscosity. Bypasses are not recommended in the high-pressure line, and a pressure drop in excess of 3.5 bars is to be avoided.

Many types of filters are suitable for use with Castrol Anvol WG. Users should refer to individual manufacturers’ recommendations. Inert metal mesh filters are preferred. Active clay or absorbent filters should not be used. 


Greater fire protection
With a high water content and shear stability, Castrol Anvol WG provides excellent fire suppression characteristics thereby creating a safer working environment and greater equipment protection.
System protection from corrosion
Castrol Anvol WG is designed to protect ferrous and non-ferrous components from corrosion. Recirculated water used in the cooling systems can make its way into the hydraulic fluid. Castrol Anvol WG ensures that this does not impact on the hydraulic system itself.
Superior equipment performance
Extended pump life and reduction in replacement/maintenance cost Longer life.
Stability in harsh operating environments.
Resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation and improved filter tolerance provides Reduces sludge/vanish formation and the potential for valve sticking/failure Ensures that product life is extended with greater drain intervals. 

Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ 40°
Viscosity Index,ASTM D 2270
Pour Point, °C
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