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Petro-Canada distributes TURBONYCOIL 600 which is a licensed and registered trademark of NYCO S.A. TURBONYCOIL 600 is Rolls Royce approved and specially... 


Petro-Canada distributes TURBONYCOIL 600 which is a licensed and registered trademark of NYCO S.A. TURBONYCOIL 600 is Rolls Royce approved and specially designed to effectively lubricate land based aeroderivative gas turbines operating under extreme conditions.

TURBONYCOIL 600 is non-toxic, based on polyol esters with high thermal stability and fortified with anti-oxidant, anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives.

TURBONYCOIL 600 delivers exceptional oxidative and thermal stability. It has excellent resistance to foaming and superior lubricity. It also offers lower volatility at high temperatures and higher flash point than many competitive fluids.

Features & benefits:

Unique base stock to reduce operation and maintenance costs and provide improved engine performance for customers

• Exceptional resistance to fluid breakdown caused by air and high temperatures

• Reduces coking

• Minimizes buildup of sludge and varnish

• High Flash and Fire Points allow for safe operation

Excellent additive technology to provide reliable service performance

• TURBONYCOIL 600 contains a proprietary anti-wear additive to increase the performance of the turbine and keep wear to a minimum

• TURBONYCOIL 600 is non-toxic, unlike many competitor products containing toxic and harmful conventional anti-wear additives

• Does not contain additives with Tri-Cresyl Phosphate (TCP) which exhibits recognized neurotoxin properties

Effective lubrication over a wide temperature range

• Faster cold starts and superior cold temperature lubrication protection

• Exceptional viscosity stability at high temperatures


TURBONYCOIL 600 is recommended for use in land based aeroderivative gas turbine engines which require a lubricant qualified against U.S. Military Specification MIL-PRF-23699G Standard (Non-Corrosion Inhibiting) Classification or a Rolls Royce approved lubricant. Such turbines may be found operating in the following applications:

• Mechanical drive applications in gas compressors and refrigeration compressors

• Power generation units on oil and gas drilling platforms and marine applications or in industrial operations and manufacturing plants

• Cogeneration service in large industrial operations as well as smaller units in universities, hotels, hospitals, sports complexes, apartment complexes, government offices and shopping centres

• Peak power generation systems

TURBONYCOIL 600 is approved by the following engine manufacturers for use in land based industrial and marine gas turbine applications where a MIL-PRF-23699G Standard Classification or Rolls Royce approved lubricant is required: Rolls Royce/Allison, CFM International, Turbomeca, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Hamilton/Sundstrand/APIC, Motor Sich and General Electric.




Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ 40°
K.Viscosity cSt cSt @ 100°C
Pour Point, °C
Flash, °C
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