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Petro-Canada’s TURBOFLO™ XL is a premium turbine fluid designed to lubricate and cool steam and gas turbines and deliver excellent lubricati... 


Petro-Canada’s TURBOFLO™ XL is a premium turbine fluid designed to lubricate and cool steam and gas turbines and deliver excellent lubrication to bearings operating in severe conditions. It is formulated with Petro-Canada’s ultra pure HT Severely Hydrocracked base oils and highly advanced additive technology to deliver a winning combination of enhanced oxidative and thermal stability. TURBOFLO XL demonstrates exceptional oxidative and thermal stability, which surpasses that of many competitive turbine lubricants on the market today. This in turn helps customers to reduce overall maintenance costs and helps to provide worry-free operation. TURBOFLO XL’s superior performance is especially important in the severe service situations common to gas turbines. Its outstanding oxidation and thermal stability prevents fluid breakdown caused by air and high temperatures. That means:

• Longer service life

• Less downtime

• Less top-ups and change-outs

TURBOFLO XL is available in 3 grades: TURBOFLO XL 32, TURBOFLO XL 46 and TURBOFLO XL 68.

Features & benefits:

Exceptional resistance to fluid breakdown caused by air and high temperatures

• Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test (RPVOT) result of 2700+ minutes, which is 40% higher than that of the leading competitive products tested

• Topping-up an existing conventional turbine oil system provides an immediate and marked improvement in oil performance

• Lowers operating costs by extending intervals between oil top-ups or complete change-outs

Excellent water separability

• Mechanical Emulsion Test results exhibited the best results achieving a 5 minute separation

• Drainage of condensed water from oil coalescers and purifiers is greatly facilitated

• Condensed water meets environmental guidelines

Extremely rapid air and gas separation

• Less fluid break down

• Improves equipment reliability


TURBOFLO XL is a premium product designed to significantly exceed the demanding service requirements of steam and gas turbine operators. It also provides extended, corrosion-free lubrication of bearings operating in ambient temperatures above 260°C or 500°F.

Steam Turbines

TURBOFLO XL is recommended for lubricating steam turbines used for electric power generation and other industrial applications. Compared to conventional turbine oils, TURBOFLO XL delivers superior performance over the entire life of the fluid. In large power generation plants, turbine oil is used for several years until degradation of the oil causes poor water separability and low oxidation resistance (low RPVOT values). Because of TURBOFLO XL’s extremely high oxidation resistance (high RPVOT values) and fast water separability, even a partial oil replacement with TURBOFLO XL can return an entire oil system to acceptable standards. Note: TURBOFLO XL product line should not be mixed with TURBOFLO product line. Mixing the two chemistries could lead to increased varnish potential. For more information please reference TURBOFLO Top-Up Study Tech Bulletin (TB1236).

TURBOFLO XL is recommended for use in large turbines (100 -1300 megawatts) coupled directly to an electric generator.

Gas Turbines

TURBOFLO XL is recommended for the lubrication of the high-speed bearings in stationary gas turbines. Major utility, pipeline and gas field recovery and co-generation operators have recognized the performance of TURBOFLO XL compared to conventional mineral oil turbine fluids.

TURBOFLO XL 46 has received ALSTOM OEM approval HTGD 90117 (Lubricating and Control Oils for Turbines).

High Temperature Bearings

TURBOFLO XL exceeds General Electric specifications for gas turbines operating with bearing ambient and sealing air temperatures above 260°C or 500°F. This demonstrates the fluid is ideal for use in high temperature applications, requiring a lubricant with high thermal and oxidative stability.

Kinematic Viscosity cSt @ 40°
K.Viscosity cSt cSt @ 100°C
Viscosity Index,ASTM D 2270
Pour Point, °C
Flash, °C
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